Our product
A vineyard that produces wines as excellent as Buranco’s is almost duty-bound to offer a grappa of the highest quality, as well.
Our vintners are expert in the traditions and practice of wine production, but for the distillation of an excellent grappa --a product outside this specific context --they have deemed it advisable to turn to another set of experts.
Thus, the marcs of our white, red, and Sciacchetrà wines are shipped to the Fratelli Rovero distillery in San Marzano in the province of Asti for the extraction of a unique and indescribable grappa with the unmistakable aroma of Sciacchetrà.
More specialties
Within the secluded environment of the Cinque Terre, the Buranco estate is a world unto itself. To all the renowned characteristics of this corner of Italy it adds its own character, its splendid geography, and its specific microclimate.
So, naturally, in addition to its wine, Buranco produces a range of other fine products: grappa (aromatic brandy), limoncino liqueur, olive oil, and honey.
Along with its world-renowned wines, Buranco offers these delicacies of the Cinque Terre region, all produced in small batches, simple, natural, and genuine --a delight to sample or to share with friends.