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The scentsand fragrances of a paradise like the Cinque Terre can be simultaneously intense and mild. This is due to the many native flowering plants of the region, and to the Mediterranean scrub that blankets the hills. In this regard as well as others, Buranco seems to be an exceptionally privileged corner of the Cinque Terre, a region that is already widely recognized as being privileged. The honey that is produced in Buranco embodies the richness and variety of its particular microclimate: in February, it takes on the scent of tree heather; in March, the bright yellow of wood sorrel, which the locals call “pane e vino” (bread and wine) in recognition of its nutritive properties; in April, cherry, apricot, and peach blossoms; in May, flowering citrus; in June,acacia flowers; in July, blackberries; and from August through January, woodland flowers and shrubs. Cinque Terre yields a healthy and pure honey of excellent taste, scented with a variety of natural fragrances that evoke the exceptional biodiversity of the region.
More specialties
Within the secluded environment of the Cinque Terre, the Buranco estate is a world unto itself. To all the renowned characteristics of this corner of Italy it adds its own character, its splendid geography, and its specific microclimate.
So, naturally, in addition to its wine, Buranco produces a range of other fine products: grappa (aromatic brandy), limoncino liqueur, olive oil, and honey
Along with its world-renowned wines, Buranco offers these delicacies of the Cinque Terre region, all produced in small batches, simple, natural, and genuine --a delight to sample or to share with friends.