IL prodotto
The result of all this work is an emotion, in every sense

Appearance: Mellow shades of amber and topaz are the key colors of Sciacchetrà.

Nose: Rich and unique in its complexity. Exotic fruits and figs, with elegant nuances of aromatic herbs and hints of balsam.

Palate: Very creamy, with the taste of ripe fruit --apricot, passion fruit, candied citrus --sustained by fine minerality and a long finish.
A clear and consistent savory-tannic thread, enveloped in a buttery, velvety texture.
In a Buranco Sciacchetrà, fruitiness, acidity, tannins and sweetness are so well-balanced that this wine is never cloying --an important advantage in a straw wine.
Recently, Buranco Sciacchetrà gained an esteemed new admirer when President Obama tasted --and greatly enjoyed --this wine in the company of other world leaders at the G8 Conference in L’Aquila, Italy.

Ideal pairings: A wide range of foods, including crisp cookies and sweets such as old-fashioned Genoese pandolce; aged pecorino and veined sheep-cheeses; fois gras braised in this very wine.