The olive grove of Buranco is medieval and fully productive

The olive grove of Buranco is medieval. But it is not a monument; indeed it is fully productive. In fact, the olive plant does not know old age: it survives the generations. This is also why extra-virgin olive oil is one of the oldest foods. The olive tree, symbol of peace par excellence was, for this (and for its fruits), much loved by the monks who introduced its cultivation whenever the climate, as in the Cinque Terre, allowed it. In the case of Buranco, the fact that the olive tree must leave the sunniest areas of the vine (the olive grove is turned to the north-east), makes us discover a small secret: a less constant exposure to the sun makes the fruit and this gives an extra light and fruity extra-virgin olive oil which, thanks to the cold pressing immediately following the harvest, maintains the freshness and intensity of the freshly picked olives. From 15 kilos of olives you get 2 liters of superfine oil. Only this gives an idea of ​​the effort and time needed to obtain this more humble, but just as precious, wine liquid. Olive oil is the only oil that is preserved without the need for chemical treatments and is essential for healthy and natural nutrition.

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