It carries within itself the richness and variety of its particular microclimate

It is easy to imagine how in a paradise like the Cinque Terre, fragrances, scents, strong and sweet at once: thanks to a particular flora and the characteristics of the Mediterranean scrub. Here too, the Buranco company appears to be privileged in an already privileged environment. Thus, the honey that produces brings in itself the richness and variety of its particular microclimate: in February the scent of the arboreal heather; in March the yellow color of the shamrock, called by the locals "bread and wine" to summarize its nutritional properties; in April the flowers of cherries, apricots and peaches; in May those of oranges and lemons; in June the acacia flowers; in July of more and, from August to January, wild flowers and Mediterranean scrub. The pristine nature of the Cinque Terre allows us to create a healthy and pure product, with a wonderful variety of aromas and excellent taste. But also, and it is a very important thing, capable of offering a rare biological diversity.

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