The Poetry of the Cinque Terre: Monterosso
Due to its size, importance, and geographic position, Monterosso may be considered the ‘capital’ of the Cinque Terre. Its lookout towers, its church and its multi-hued houses are all typical of the Riviera, but it also has special charms that inspired the poems of Nobel Laureate Eugenio Montale. His verses, particularly those in the book “Ossi di Seppia” (“Cuttlefish Bones”) describing the golden lemons of this region, have painted an unforgettable portrait of Monterosso.

17th-century documents describe Monterosso in the following manner: “This region is so steep and rocky that it is difficult even for mountain goats. [...] Arid and dry, but nevertheless filled with fruited vines. [...] And they harvest grapes, from which is pressed a wine that is as excellent as it is possible to describe.”
All this is due to the sun, the sea, and the flora of this Mediterranean landscape. But it is also due to the particular terroir of Monterosso.