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This wine takes usback to “normal” for a Cinque Terre white. But indeed it is a “golden norm”, thanks to the excellent quality of this Cinque Terre D.O.C., made from bosco (60%), vermentino (20%) and albarola (20%) grapes.
Appearance: Intense golden yellow

Nose: An intense and very persistent bouquet, herbaceous and flinty.

Palate: Reminiscent of citrus fruit --more precisely, the lemons of the Cinque Terre. This is undoubtedly a wine of fine continuity and persistence. It hits the palate with a great deal of fruitiness and minerality, along with a hint of iodine and salinity from the sea-mists that frequently settle on the vineyard.
Ideal pairings
Serve with seafood dishes, such as anchovies and shrimp.