The mystery of the name

According to tradition, this strange name is a fusion of the words sciac (‘press it’) and trai (‘leave it’) in the dialect of Eastern Liguria, indicating the manner of production of this truly unique straw wine. .

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The nobility of the origins

Sciacchetrà is crafted by drying three specific grape varieties: bosco (80%), vermentino (15%), and albarola (5%). Bosco, the classic grape of the Cinque Terre, loves the sun and the reflected glare of the sun on the sea. It is considered “a white grape with the soul of a red”, and as its name (meaning ‘woods’) suggests, it has a hint of the wild in its taste.

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The product

All of this work results in a truly emotional experience.

Discover technical details and ideal combinations

Magiöa D.O.C

l Product

This cru takes its name from the particular vineyard on the Buranco estate in which its grapes are grown. It is a re-creation of the finest heirloom wine of the Cinque Terre, painstakingly produced through a combination of traditional practices (maceration of the peels) with strict modern controls (fermentation temperature).
The grapes used to produce Magiöa are the three varieties -- bosco, albarola, and vermentino -- that go into all Cinque Terre whites, but they are exclusively the product of the Buranco estate, and are grown, harvested, and fermented separately from the main harvest, in order to highlight the special characteristics of this wine.
The result is a wine of great structure which, due to its extremely high quality, has been amply praised ever since the time of its inception.

Cinque terre D.O.C

Our product

This wine takes us back to “normal” for a Cinque Terre white. But indeed it is a “golden norm”, thanks to the excellent quality of this Cinque Terre D.O.C., made from bosco (60%), vermentino (20%) and albarola (20%) grapes.

Buranco Red

Our product

Here's a wine that will surprise you: a red from the Cinque Terre! This was a gamble that paid off thanks the skill and care of Buranco’s founding oenologist, Sergio Pappalardo. A native of Salerno near the Amalfi Coast, Pappalardo was particularly attuned to coastal environments and to the grapes that flourish in seaside vineyards.
Our red is a blend of Mediterranean Bordeaux grapes (cabernet sauvignon and merlot) and an Australian syrah. The wine is fermented in steel with 20 days of maceration, then soft pressing and racking. Refinement takes 12 months in barriques and tonnaux of French oak, 8 months in steel, and 4 months in the bottle.

Our Oenologist

Our Oenologist Dr. Gabriele Gadenz is the young oenologist whose wide experience in matters of viticulture and oenology have qualified him to serve as a wine consultant in Italy and abroad. He has had experience with a wide variety of grapes, both red and white, and this enables him to find the right balance, with notable structure.
He has an excellent palate. The hallmarks of his work are balance, precision, spotlessness, respect for tradition, and innovative ideas.

Buranco - a Bulla

Alc 11,95 % vol
Total Acidity 7,10 g/L
Sugar 6,0 g/L
Production area: Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre (LIGURIA)
Soil: clayey calcareous, rich in skeleton

The grapes are harvested early to preserve natural acidity. It is then crushed and destemmed and immediately cooled by dry ice up to 10 ° C, carried out in a press, where it is subjected to soft squeezing without maceration. The must is decanted for 3 days at 4 ° C, then decanted to clean it of the lees and fermented at a controlled temperature of 15 ° C. The resulting base wine is stored for 3 months on the fine lees at 10 ° C, avoiding malolactic fermentation. This is followed by a slow fermentation in autoclave (Martinotti or Charmat method along with prolonged élevage on the lees for about 6 months), then stabilization and bottling.

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