Proceeding from West to East, although in the Cinque Terre you dominate the same climate and the same exposure of the soil, the terrain does not have the same nature.
The soil of Monterosso is determined by the presence of erratic boulders of sandstone and is permeable to water, therefore, it dries easily. In this way the vines grow in a loose soil in close contact with the mother rock, schistose, tending to acid, rich in mineral elements and naturally well exposed to saline.

All factors that guarantee a remarkable wine result. The climate of this territory is mild because in all its extension it is sheltered thanks to the northern cold winds, allowing the solar heat to concentrate given the exposure to the south-west.

The mild and rainy springs already find the first buds in March, and the hot and dry summers with long, sunny days encourage the maturation of the plant's tissues and the increase in sugars in the berries, anticipating the harvest time in mid-September.


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