5 Terre Trekking Buranco Wine & Food

With the arrival of the beautiful season, the company BURANCO invites you to discover the first guided and told Wine-Trekking route through an app realized in the 5 Lands. A walk that will not leave you indifferent, between landscapes, vineyards, history to finish – why not? – with a good glass of wine and a good dish.

Imagine walking along one of the most spectacular hilly slopes of the 5 Terre vineyard, with a 360-degree panorama of the surrounding hills up to the sea, imagine that the route is always accessible, marked with markers, imagine that it begins and ends inside the same winery that owns the vineyards you are walking through.

Finally, imagine that, through your smartphone, you can listen, in real time

the walk, a story that guides you step by step to discover the territory, grapes, olive trees, lemon groves, places and panoramas that fill your eyes.

Now stop imagining, because all this exists and is the path that the company BURANCO has recently inaugurated. Indeed, digitized and made available to all, in collaboration with IZI Travel, the app of digital audio guides used by museums and public places to make the narration of the places visited always accessible.

The project, which takes the name of 5 Terre wine & food Buranco Trekking, is the first example in the 5 Terre of enotrekking guided and told digitally.

It is an easy route in 6 stages marked by signs that draw a ring walk that starts and arrives at the entrance of the Tenuta Buranco, home of the winery of the same name, in monterosso al Mare, the "capital" of the 5 Terre.

The Grape’s Road starts from the square next to the estate, at the end of the walk, you can visit the winery for a taste or for purchases or even book a tasting of the products. The route winds through the vineyards and olive groves that surround the estate, along the way you will find wood vines, vermentino and arbarola, native vines, but also syrah and cabernet sauvignon, international vines.

Five good reasons to walk Grape’s Road. The Grape’s Road is a unique wine-trekking route:

  1. It is a not demanding, easy and pleasant route, lasting about 1 hour at a quiet pace, for a total of about 1.5 km, with slopes not too pronounced.
  2. It is a scenic route that will make you discover some of the most spectacular vineyards of the 5 Terre, an area recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.
  3. It is an opportunity to deepen on the ground the history, the vineyards and the traditions of the area.
  4. Everything is connected to Tenuta Buranco, where it is possible to book a visit to the winery, taste the wines produced by the vineyards just covered or reserve a table for a complete tasting.
  5. It is the first route in the 5 Lands that combines storytelling, hiking in the vineyards, landscape, history


The route of Wine Trekking is guided and includes a visit to the winery, the reservation is compulsory, to be made in tenita or through the number +39 3494348046 or +39 3791237983, for the nature of the route we recommend the use of hiking shoes or similar.
The route does not present any difficulty of execution, but we recommend however the maximum caution, in particular if accompanied by children.
On the way there are benches for rest and contemplation of the landscape. The stages of the itinerary are marked by a special sign with insights, illustrations and advice for a better experience. In addition to specific information you will find a series of icons that invite you from time to time to observe closely, taste, wander your gaze: let yourself be guided.
The itinerary crosses the heart of an estate where man respectfully collects the fruits of nature: help us to preserve its beauty by avoiding to throw on the ground paper, cigarette butts and other waste.
Our food and wine offer and accommodation plans to play.
The activities of Wine trekking, the walk through the vineyards, bringing with you a picnic basket, you can choose between different types of gourmet sandwiches also for vegetarians and vegans, along with a bottle of wine of your choice.Prices vary from € 60 per couple up to € 90 for a basket family size for 4 people.

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