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Olive oil

Buranco's olive grove is medieval but still fully productive

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Buranco’s olive grove dates back to medieval times. Yet it is not a relic, but rather a fully-productive grove. Olive trees do not show their age; they outlive generation upon generation of those who tend them. Indeed, olive oil is one of the most ancient of foods.

The olive tree has long been recognized as a symbol of peace, and for this reason (as well as for its nourishing and tasty fruits) it was prized by monks, who took every opportunity to cultivate it in suitable climates, such as that of the Cinque Terre.

In Buranco, the olive trees were relegated to an area with a northeastern exposure, leaving the sunnier southern exposures to the vineyard. But this reveals a little-known secret: exposure to less-constant sunshine causes olive trees to produce their fruit more slowly, yielding an extra-virgin olive oil that is particularly light and fruity. Thanks to immediate cold-pressing upon harvest, our oil maintains the freshness and intensity of just-picked olives.

It takes 15 kilograms of olives to produce just 2 liters of our extra-fine olive oil. This gives an idea of the time and effort that are required for the production of this extraordinary liquid, more modest than wine, but equally precious. Olive oil is the only oil that can be stored without chemical preservatives. It is a fundamental element of a healthy, natural diet.


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