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Magiöa D.O.C

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This cru takes its name from the particular vineyard on the Buranco estate in which its grapes are grown. It is a re-creation of the finest heirloom wine of the Cinque Terre, painstakingly produced through a combination of traditional practices (maceration of the peels) with strict modern controls (fermentation temperature).
The grapes used to produce Magiöa are the three varieties -- bosco, albarola, and vermentino -- that go into all Cinque Terre whites, but they are exclusively the product of the Buranco estate, and are grown, harvested, and fermented separately from the main harvest, in order to highlight the special characteristics of this wine.
The result is a wine of great structure which, due to its extremely high quality, has been amply praised ever since the time of its inception.



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